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It's easy to pay for your Dogs Education

Join us for classes that match every level of experience.


Online Dog Training

Steps to sign up:

*Safely pay for the program you would like for your dog.

*After program is paid for I will email a Registration form to you

*Fill out Registration form email it back to me

*After I receive registration form....your program will start to arrive via email.

One Time Fee for the life of your dog


House Training along with Health & Wellness

You will receive information concerning House Training/Health & Wellness in the form of literature, photo's and private​ sessions with a professional trainer.

Learn All the Do's & Dont's of House Training

No Age Requirement!

If there's a House Training problem, we Must address it before it becomes habit forming.

Receive Information concerning certain health issues with dogs....example: excessive shedding, gas, tartar, joints, bad breath, ear cleaning, picky eaters, dry skin, eats poop, hot spots, allergies.....etc.

Certificate upon Completion

House Training/Health & Wellness
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One Time Fee for the life of your dog


All Star Training Package

1 hr session




All Star Program
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