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Let me introduce myself to you:

My name is Roxanne,

I am the owner of Doggie Do Right Dog Training. I've been a professional dog trainer for many years.

My life has always been all about dogs. I've been told that I have a special connection with dogs, that is something within....not taught!

I started observing dogs at an early age. Highlights of my childhood days were on the training fields with my father (taking in all the knowledge I could possibly learn at a very young age).

My father was a Police Officer for many years in California, all of his partners were German Shepherd 

K-9's. And might I say "they were my babysitters" ;0)

As a young teenager I spent many countless hours volunteering my services at shelters, neighbors & for friends.

Now years later as an Adult (we won't say my age) I am an expert in the dog training field & someone who solves dog problems in peoples lives, making them happier. As I look back & think about all the dogs I trained.........I know I've made a positive impact on their lives. I have a strong will in life, I live to help others with their dogs.

As a professional trainer, my education never stops. I literally have a library of books & videos, I attend seminars, webinars, on line training courses AND of course Dear old Dad for knowledge.

Dog training is not a hobby for me or a p/t time job....this is my career for over ______ amount of years. ;0)

Enough about me:

Please stop wishing you had a well mannered dog.....lets work together-Wishes do come true

Things I can Do For You

Bring peace & happiness back in your life

Resolve unwanted behaviors quickly

Take away a lot of frustration with your dog

Take away embarrassment & stress from family, friends or neighbors

I can help you get satisfaction!